Muziek op schoot:
“Music on your lap” for parent and child

“Music on your lap” is a combination of activities – singing new songs and well known songs with your child, making music with small instruments like rattles and sticks and dancing with scarves and balls.

You will receive copies of the songs that we sing during the lessons to take home, so you can practice the songs at home. If you don't speak or understand the dutch language, then this is a nice way to learn it.

You do not need to have any dance experience or be musical to participate - Taking part and being active during a lesson is most important.

Every child is unique and learns in their own way; some children will initially just want to watch, while others will immediately want to move.

I am originally trained as a schoolteacher and as a dance-teacher. Recently I received my teaching diploma for “Music on your lap”.


More information


The lessons take place at the Balletstudio Karin den Os
Bilderdijklaan 13-15, 2281 SM Rijswijk
(located in the city-center of Old Rijswijk)



For hygienic and safety reason it is advised that you and your child wear anti-slipping socks or some kind of indoor-shoes.
You need to bring your own gym shoes and outdoorshoes are not allowed in the ballet studio.
And it is recommended that you wear comfortable clothing.


Missed a lesson?

Lesson are on Fridays only,
so if you miss a lesson unfortunately there is no opportunity to make up this lesson on another day.
If you are unable to attend a lesson, it is possible to have someone else attend the lesson in your place with your child.

The course will start in January, March, May, September and November

Jacqueline den Dekker


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